Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Happy Tuesday Everyone! Hope you're all having a nice day/evening. I surely am having a great day, especially today. Whenever my husband is away on business trips, my sister spends a few days with me so we can be carefree and go shopping and eat anything our stomach wants! So we went to buy some craft supplies, had lunch and came home to "take a nap" because it was quite an "exhausting" day LOL! To my surprise, I opened the mailbox and I found a manila envelope addressed to ME! (Jumping and waving to Linda!) It started raining (in Hawaii, it's called "tears of happiness" or a "blessing") so I dashed in the house and tore open the envelope! Lookey what I found:

My blogging GF Linda of Simple and Sassy Creations sent me these lovely Basic Grey half pearls and rhinestones in my favorite color, lavender/purple!!! On top of that, she gave me a cute Hello Kitty golf charm which I already put on my golf bag so HK and Linda will be out golfing with me! Then there's a very cute stamp that says "You're Special" and I can say the same for Linda. She's a very special, sweet gal that always leaves me such uplifting comments, emails me if I don't blog for a few days to make sure everything's OK with me, and we share a story about "cutting" out images. You can read about some of it on her blog here. So, she made me this beautiful card with Giggling Tilda sitting in her chair with a bubble comment AND, she CUT IT ALL OUT!!! I'm really proud of her because she did an excellent job! She cuts way better than me. Heck, when a small piece gets in my way, I cut it off (like antennaes!), but Linda cut all the curves and tiny areas! Great job Linda!!! Shhhhh, I think she was just lazy and feined "can't do it" or "I don't care to cut images out" but she really could all along so now I think she'll be cutting more of her images out and popping them up. You will, won't you, Linda??? Linda's going to get razzed about this by her BFF Kyoko and I can just hear them! Well, I just had to share this joyous day with all of you and I'm sure you all know how special you feel when someone thinks of you in a very special way, and today was my day. Crafters are warm, caring, giving people. Isn't it wonderful we have a special "commune" in which we live daily and be there for one another in any form? Have a wonderful week, and show your love to those around you. Hugs to everyone, and thank you for sharing my special day with me.


Kyoko said...

Oh Cami, what a great RAK from my BFF!!! She has sure come a long way with her cutting and I finally got her to confess to me today: SHE NOW LIKES TO CUT!!! I made her repeat it to me many times both verbally and by email! HAHAHAHA!

I'm glad you and your sister had a fun day of shopping and eating! Sounds just like me and Linda's outings!


Linda said...

Hi Cami! Glad you liked your surprise! And yes, Kyoko has my "confession" in a saved e-mail. I knew I shouldn't have put it in writing. Hahaha! Glad you had a fun day w/your sister - maybe next time Kyoko and I will invite ourselves! Heehee! Take care! xoxo, Linda

Christine said...

Hi Cami,

I am so happy that you had a great time with your sister. What a wonderful RAK from Linda. She did a beautiful job on her card. I am not big into cutting either though I should probably do more. I always love to hear stories about how paper crafting connects people. It is such a wonderful community.
xoxo, Christine

Teri said...

What a super rak from Linda! She's so sweet, just like you! You totally deserve this treat of goodies!! Love those sister days too! Glad you had fun.

Jen from Pieces of Me.... said...

Yummy Stuffs!!! Enjoy!! Linda is a sweetheart!!