Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A BRAK from Suzan

There's a very special gal who lives in California that I refer to as my "Island Sister" and her name is Suzan. We have some special "family" history that goes back to Japan and she is more like a "younger sister" to me, though she acts more mature than me LOL! She's always there for me, and takes special care of me, and there are many things in our life that seem to parallel each other's. She is very talented and I love seeing her creations so that I learn from her as she is truly an inspiration to me. Most of you know Suzan through her wonderful work that she posts on the Magnolia-licious site, and if you haven't yet, you MUST check out her album titled "Suzan's Cards."

This is the front of the card she made for me. Isn't this pretty? Love the pink tulle she added and that owl is just too cute!

I just have to share the inside of her card as the owl theme is carried through and it is so cute!

Here are the goodies she sent me:

Thank you very much Suzan! Now I'm waiting for you to create something so that I can "copy" your artwork and use these wonderful goodies.
Thank you all for stopping by today, and with all these RAKs I have been getting, I feel like I'm advertising for all the manufacturers that keep our pockets empty! Every time I see someone use something on their creation I want to get it too! Greedy me! LOL! But I think it is human nature for crafters to "want" what they see others using. Maybe not all of you, but I know I'm like that! Well, I won't be shopping for a while (yeah, right!). Have a blessed week and have fun creating so I can copy your creations too!


Kris said...

Very pretty card! i LOVE how she did the inside... and lots of great goodies too! yay! hugs, Kris

Teri said...

What a beautiful card you received from Suzan! Happy belated birthday cami!

Kristine said...

Awww...that is FABULOUS!! :) She sounds like such a sweetie--lucky yOU!!! :) Enjoy your goodies!

joni h said...

wow! what a haul! you're one deserving gal, that's for sure!
did ya' know that "gotta have that" is the middle name of all crafters! no wonder these companies love us! now to find the time to create with all of it...right after I check my farms! hee-hee!

Jodi said...

Oh wow!! She is so very sweet to you and you really deserve it!! YOU are a super sweet person!!
OMG I totally missed your bday!!! Happy Belated Birthday sweet Cami!!
Jodi =)

Joy said...

what a lovely BRAK! you are so blessed to have a wonderful "island sister" =) love the card and lots of goodies! can't wait to see what you create! have a wonderful hump day!